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No reason to blow anything up, the team is young, Dirk just turned 28, Jet is 28, Josh is 25, and Devin is 23. I really don't mess with those four guys nor Dampier or Diop, those six stay unless someone blows your socks off with an offer you can't refuse (like a TMac or something that won't happen).

1. Re-sign Jet Terry, it is a priority, somewhere around 5 yrs/$40,000,000 seems about right for him.

2. Let Keith Van Horn walk.

3. Use the entire MLE to replace him, I would prefer Vladamir Radmanovic but there are others out there that would be nice behind Dirk at the PF spot.

4. Draft smartly with #28, try to find another young athlete that can come in and join the team and play Avery's style of defense.

Other than that, use the LLE to re-sign Adrian Griffin, match any offer on DJ Mbenga, and try to use Pavel Podkozlin more during halftime shows to entertain the fans, maybe have Mavs Man jump off the trampoline onto Pavel's head before dunking the ball or instead of having those little guys running around the stadium shooting shirts into the upper deck with the shirt guns, have them instead shoot the shirts into Pavel's head.

That's about it, let the team develop with Avery and keep coming with it. No reason to think otherwise.
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