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Default Re: OJ Mayo suspended 10 games by the NBA

Originally Posted by kaiiu
On the Cavs doe he would be used to his full potential. He would be the only the primary scorer with the green light to take 20-25 shots a game

Id definitely would keep my eye out for Cavs making a move for OJ Mayo as a stated before.

They are the only team without any direction in the league. Even teams like the Kings have Tyreke Twolves have Love, Beasley, potential Rubio, Raptors have DeMar etc etc.
Getting OJ Mayo, and they even have the pieces to get him like a Mo Williams, and a young talent like Christian Eygenga or even a Ramon Sessions or something.
Then they gotta hope the ball fall for them and get a Perry Jones or Terrance Jones. Then sign a good Free agent.

Then you have something to build around Mayo-Jones- Hickson a few FAs. YOu can at least be respectable compete for the 8th out east which is only what 40 games you need to win. Have a face to a franchise etc.
Because right now the Cavs are just embarrassing on so many levels.
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