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Default Re: OJ Mayo suspended 10 games by the NBA

Originally Posted by kaiiu
On the Cavs doe he would be used to his full potential. He would be the only the primary scorer with the green light to take 20-25 shots a game

Yep and that is what I want to see from him. Prime vintage highschool daze. I was a really big fan of his and Patrick Patterson


I would be lying if I would say I wouldn't want OJ playing for a legit contender or a playoff team this year. Even if he won't get the ability to put up stats he could on a lesser team. Lakers, Bulls, Knicks, Heat, Orlando, Jazz any playoff team I would be up for it .

As you know seeing your team loose every night can take a toll on your sports fan mind as you know first hand this year. I went through that OJ's rookie season, and honestly don't ever want to go through it again. If I feel that way as I fan, OJ gotta feel 100x worse being he experienced the loosing after loosing his first year.

OJ still very young 23 years old, still has one more year in his contract. He will get time to show the NBA world what his potential with time, and put up stats.
But winning organization for me as of right now

True that

75% chance OJ stays , then gets traded in off season
25% chance OJ gets traded before deadline.

This is his last season in Memphis however you put it. I have been reading up report after report and they all say the same thing. Tons of teams have come knocking on Memphis's door for OJ, but Memphis is asking for such a high asking price for Mayo's current value which is obviously low. An owner would really have to believe in OJ's potential of possibly being a star in the NBA , as I do, to be able to get him by over paying for his current value, which is stress is very low. They would have to see Mayo as their franchise player to be able to get him. I just don't think a team that could use Mayo as their final piece to the puzzle without offering some serious talent like the Bulls or something will be able to get him. That's just from the information I have read.

The Memphis Grizzlies are dangling guard O.J. Mayo(notes) in trade talks, but one NBA general manager said they’re asking too much for him. The Grizzlies want a player who’s ready to contribute now and improve their chances of making the playoffs;_yl...hebuzzer020411

If Mayo were to get traded, I would bet a team like the Cleveland Cavaliers will be the ones to make that move of franchising him. They have nothing to loose.They could even give guys like Mo Williams or Antwan guys and some young talent like that Christian Eyenga, or even Ramon Sessions.

The question is does Dan Gilbert believe in OJ's potential the way I do, to make it happen. And maybe the better question is does OJ believe in his potential to help turn around the worst team in the league and start from stratch, which reports said during the NY-Den rumor he didn't want to do. He didn't want to go to a loosing franchise.

Yeah I heard the Memphis price on Mayo is pretty high
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