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Default Re: OJ Mayo suspended 10 games by the NBA

Originally Posted by ReturnofJPR
OJ Mayo had a black eye before Chicago's Tony Allen literally gave him one. OJ Mayo is just the latest in a long line of me-first selfish players who are too big headed to really do the team they are on any good unless they are on a team like the Lakers and have to know their role due to a Hall of Fame player like Kobe or a Hall of Fame coach like Phil. It's going to be interesting to see what kind of money Mayo will command on the open market since he will be a free agent soon. And more interesting yet, will be to see which teams go after him. I think we all know he's not re-signing in Memphis.

In the past decade Allen Iverson, Stephon Starbury, Stevey Franchise, Jerry Streakhouse, Gilbert Arenas were all famous troubling making selfish players.

OJ Mayo should still be on the fence on whether or not he should be put in that category. Mayo is only 23 years old still young. He unlike those guys seems to be behaving himself better with age. Mayo outside of a few incident this year in his first 2.5 season in the NBA has been trouble free, and no incidences with the law.

But it is a fair assessment though.
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