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Default Re: Retro gaming - NES - Ghosts n Goblins

Originally Posted by sh0wtime
Oh god that video brought back some memories, the guy explained exactly how i felt about everything!!

But i was much more of a sore loser and destroyed my controller once in the process, i was 13 when i bought this game and didnt know what i got myself into, i played more than a year until i could reach the end, i mean i gained ultra 1337 skills barelly enough to reach the end if lucky enough after hours and hours and hours of sleepless nights, no life, skipped school classes and so on.

As i "finished" the game i get "This room is just an illusion and is a trap devised by satan", as it send me back to the beginnining of the game i reacted the same he was at 4:51 but even worse, i just took the game out and heaved it against a wall and that was it.

Ghost N Goblins, Mega Man 1, Castlevania, Dragons Lair, Battletoads (try that game if you dare) are probably the hardest games i ever played and all of them ironically on NES.

Ghosts and Goblins was crazy...Me and my uncle could never beat it. We got close but never finished it. But Battletoads Battlemaniacs was the craziest game I ever played...I was sooo pissed when I couldnt beat it. But I wanna get another copy to try it again 15 years later. I WANT A REMATCH
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