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Default Re: Aaron Brooks Suspended One game

Originally Posted by AMISTILLILL
If he leaves, Miami should move heaven and earth to snag this guy. Of the point guards available, Brooks fills the slot perfectly. Literally a 10% chance they can afford him though.
I honestly feel they're fine at the point. I know Arroyo and Chalmbers aren't spectular or anything, but they've been very solid from outside teh arc this season.

I feel they should sure-up their center position. I don't see Dampier coming back next season. I'll be surprsied. The Heat didn't want to sign him in the first place thsi season then they were stuck with him. Then you have Big Z. He was ready to retire until LeBron reached out to him to try to snag a championship this season.

2012 Center Free Agents

Roy Hibbert (restricted)
Chris Kaman (unrestricted)
Andrew Bynum (team option)
Brook Lopez (restricted)
Robin Lopez (restricted)
Marcus Camby (unrestricted)
JaVale McGree (restricted)
Antonio McDyress (unrestricted)

...I think they should definitely try to get Camby if he's 100% healthy. Before he went down with injury he was over 11 rebounds per game with only 29 minutes per game. And was almost averaging 2 blocks. His salary should be taking a major dip too since he's 36 now and got over $11 this season.
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