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Default Re: Game 51: Celtics @ Bobcats 2/7/11 7pm

Originally Posted by onewickedlady
Now is the time to get rid of SJax. He obviously cares more about shooting off his big mouth than he cares about playing and winning. What an FU to his teammates. Soon Jack will be suspended for games periodically and that will make it harder on the rest of the team. MJ--haven't you had enough??

Otherwise--terrific win. Let's go Cats.
Yep , it's the perfect time while Jax's trade value is still worth something. I really like our team chemistry when Jack is out of the game, the shot clock is utilized much more efficiently as opposed to jack gettin the ball and doing jab steps for 15 seconds, or him and Diaw trying to make ridiculous passes and plays. I really hope Jordan sees this !!
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