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Default Re: Memphis Grizzlies Future

I really think the Grizzlies will try to offer Gasol and Randolph new contracts for maybe a little less than they might could get elsewhere and hope they like playing enough with this core of guys to both take a small cut to stay together. If that doesn't work and Randolph think he will make more moey elsewhere I see them signing Gasol to a big contract.
It's kind of a lose-lose situation honestly. You can't replace what Randolph has done and he loves being in Memphis and everyone on the team likes him. However I think he has made Marc regress some, especially when it comes to rebounding because Gasol doesn't have to go up and get them anymore because Randolph gets them all.

OJ needs to be traded, not only to help the team but to help him out too. However I don't think the need to trade him just because they think they should. If they don't get good value for him then it would be stupid to trade him, same with Thabeet. We already invested the pick and time, we might as well keep him until his contract is up unless we can get something for him.

I love Darell Arthur but I'm not 100% sold on him being the starter but who knows. Maybe he just needs the chance again.

Sam Young being the starting SG is the best decision they made all year. Tony Allen coming off the bench to defend is a great play too. Those two guys are essentially the same player but Sam is more offense (although he does block shots and defend well) and Tony is all defense.
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