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Default Re: Anyone else frustrated?

We have a few holes on this team and one of it is at the wings.
We have no reliable wing players at all, not on the 1st team or the bench.
Bell and AK47 aren't starter material, not both of them anyway. AK can still start if we have a true scoring guard but Bell isn't one.

Bell is playing his best ball of late. Please talk trash about someone else now. They all seem to start playing better when you do. Matthews and Brewer would certinly be mice to have around especially Matthews.

Rookie Hayward had one good week so far, a bunch of decent weeks and a terrible Oct-Nov. Miles will put up 20+ one night and then shit bricks the night.

That's why they're not getting paid the big bucks. You want to spend money on players other than on PF's you might get better production.

Ty Corbin!!!
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