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Default Re: Bryan Colangelo twitter

Honestly bringing Sloan in wouldn't make me that much more optimistic. The only things I would like about it is Triano would be gone, or maybe just like an assistant and he would probably destroy Bargs. Sure he is a great coach but we just don't have the talent. If we were a very talented team, but had a clusterf*ck of no chemistry and no real plays I would like him. Right now though, we are just a bad team all around, players, coach, and especially management. And IMO coaching should be the last thing addressed (though I hope it is sometime) maybe I am just in the group of people that thinks coaching is very overrated in alot of aspects, winning has to do with the players. Bill Simmons put it good in his book.

And isn't Sloan retiring? Or did he say he would join another team. I see him as retiring, sitting on his porch, and yelling at kids playing.
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