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Originally Posted by phillystrong
I don't know about everyone else, but I get the impression that King will dish A.I. off for the first team that will give him a lower draft pick. Reguardless what other players they want to give in return. Is it really gotten to that point in Philly? I think A.I. is coming around in that the last few years he's shown some ability at being a team player and that makes him a player worth say, (Marion, or Perice) But way more than Boozer. King is crazy to give up A.I. to Boston to get a player like Boozer. What do you think?
iF PHILLY GETS BOOZER FOR AI then i will straight out just stop going for tha sixers....period....that would be the stupidest thing ever...i mean i think giving up AI i stupid already but dont give him away for garbage...
look at this guy he has plyed liek 25 games in 2 yrs and he is seriously over rated but most importantly....OVER PAID....if u must trade AI u gotta get quality....
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