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Default Re: Gores was at the game last night.

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
too late for moves, he'll want to evaluate the players, the finances etc. upon taking over. However, I'm very excited about the idea of Gores taking over. He has a very good chance to be Davison version 2.0. He has the money, business pedigree and passion to get it done. The Pistons aren't more than a move or 2 away from being on par with teams like Atlanta and Milwaukee.

I don't think it's too late for moves. I would hope that throughout this entire process he evaluated everything before he made the purchase, especially on the financial side of things. I would doubt Gores is a great scout for talent so he would have to trust his GM and coaching staff on that one. Most owners are the ones that look over the financial aspects of the trades and give it a yes or no. I think he probably realizes this team needs a shake up so as long as a trade makes financial sense I think he'd let Joe D pull the trigger right away.

I totally agree we're only a few pieces away from being in the thick of things again. Honestly, I though Milwaukee would have been much better this year. They've had some injuries but it still seems like they could have done more thus far.
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