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Default Re: Kings fine DeMarcus Cousins for incident with teammate, won't suspend him

Originally Posted by 04mzwach
He obviously hasn't been punished enough. If he gets away with something so disrespectful to his team and doesn't get away with so many other things. What kind of message does it send? Is it okay? NO.
again,he missed a game and will be fined for it. While it is clearly not acceptable behavior (no matter how valid his point may have been), its not nearly the big deal that it was made out to be.

KG suckerpunched rik rickert and broke his face during a team practice cause he was getting embarrassed by him according to eye witness accounts. How is cousins upset over a botched/bad last possession worse than something like that. If you expect these dudes to play with passion, it is bound to overflow occasionally.
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