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Default Re: Keith Bogans has scored...

As long as Bogans isn't shooting a ton of bricks a game, his not scoring a lot isn't actually hurting the offense as much as it might seem. He isn't wasting offensive possesions with chucking and bad scoring efficiency, so it's hard to hate him that much. All I ask is that he hit the open shots he takes at a better rate than he has been, and he will be more bearable.

He's been pretty good that last few games. 7 points on 3 shots, then 11 points on 5 shots, then 6 points on 2 shots tonight so far. He's been pretty efficient this month in general actually. He isn't a volume scorer, so mainly you should just look at his efficiency to see if he's hurting the team :P

He's only playing 17 1/2 minutes and getting about 4 PPG. Kurt Thomas is playing just over 24 minutes a game and only scoring 4.8 a game. No one's complaining about him, and he's scoring less points per minute, and at slightly lower efficiency as Bogans. :P Bogans really isn't doing that bad given what his role is.


.531 TS%

.523 eFG%

Not bad at all for a guy who "sucks offensively". :P

Those stats should be up after today's game too since he's scored at an eFG% and TS% rate of 1.500% for both (so far)
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