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It's funny because I thought Brooks would eventually get his starting role back. I was wrong, obviously. Kyle Lowry has been playing really good basketball all season long. I like Lowry and appreciate what he does for the team, but he hasn't been that good.

The reason why Brooks is still coming off the bench is because his game is so shitty. Seriously, he doesn't produce. And Adelman won't let Brooks start unless he starts producing. Why should he, right? Lowry has been decent and Brooks has been trash. He has to earn his minutes, just like Lowry.

Honestly I think Brooks needs to stop being a little pussy and accept his role coming off the bench. You're not producing, you're playing shitty basketball. Stop b*tching, stop complaining, stop it with the attitude and play some good ball. He doesn't even have a reason to complain, because he's so far he's been trash. When he starts playing like 09-10 Aaron Brooks, then he'd have a reason to complain for coming off the bench. Until then, Aaron Brooks should STFU.

So no, I don't think Brooks should start. Reward Lowry for his hard work and hustle. Maybe Brooks can learn a little something from Lowry.

Originally Posted by UtahJazzFan88
I'd start Lowry, he's your PG that your going to have after this season, the Rockets aren't making the playoffs (I would seriously be in shock if they did), it seems like Aaron Brooks might be on his way out, so I'd start Lowry, bring Brooks off the bench for scoring.


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