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I don't know what's true and what's not. All I do know is that with all these other supposed rumors about how the Bulls have offered up both # 2 & # 16 for Lamar Odom of the Lakers. Or for Marion in some sort of deal that would apparently Include a player like Gordon or Deng. I mean IF the Chicago Bulls had ANY Brains whatsoever, they would offer up a package of the # 2 overall pick, Gordon & we will take Tyson Chandler off their hands + we get the option to switch 1st rounders in next years draft for Iverson.

I mean the Bulls more than anything NEED a Vet leader with Intestinal fortitude to go with all their youth in Deng, Nochoni, and Hinrich. I mean Odom and Marion are " Fringe " players who don't, and CAN'T be the " Main " guys in cruchtime. Iverson would provide that, AND help bring a " Marquee " drawing card for attendence. The Bulls would also still own their pick at # 16 to take a flier on a remaining big man or PF like Alexander Johnson of Florida State. The Sixers get a nice young guard in Gordon, and the # 2 overall pick. Yes I know they take on Tyson's long deal. But maybe they can move Dalembert to a team like Atlanta for just a player, and maybe a future protected 1st rounder and NOT the Hawks 1st rounder in this draft. That way we remove Dalembert's salary and replace it with Chandler's. Tyson can man the Center spot along with Webber and Hunter for a while. Then at # 2 WE play the trading game, and deal down to around the 4 to 7 spot and get Tyrus Thomas, or stay and grab Morrison, although I don't like his D.

But if they end up taking a bunch of sh!t from either Boston..( Green + Al Jefferson are unproven pieces of crude )..or a Boozer for AI, a Hall of fame player who has had his BEST 2 seasons in a row when everyone outside of Philly said he was done, well lets just say I wouldn't fall asleep in the city pf Philadelphia Billy King :-)
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