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Default Re: Bulls@Kings gamethread, TNT

this wasn't the prettiest game to watch, but hey we've got a 4 game winning streak going and this team is playing really well. our backcourt played well both offensively and they keept the Bulls' gaurds in check. Bibby was big in the second half, scared me there when he rolled his ankle. kings only shot 43% but the bulls were down at 33%.

Great Games By:

Kevin Martin: Leads the league in efficiency, and he did it again today, K-Mart had 29 points on 9 of 16 shooting. He was getting a couple layups from backdoor cuts and hitting threes, 2 of 3.

Mike Bibby: Looking at the boxscore, he didnt have a "Great" game but he came up big when we needed him to. had 2 straight buckets in the 4th that seperated the bulls a bit more. 7 of 15 isn't terrible, i'd like to see him chill down with the threes, he made 3 but shot 7.

Get this fixed:
We got outrebounded 56 to 44, and Chicago took 30 (wow!) more shots than us and that was keeping them in the game. They were missing point blank layups and we got lucky when Tyrus Thomas sprained his ankle and instead of cutting it to 4 it went up to 9 with k-mart's three. i hope hes ok, Ben Gordon 3 of 16 Nobody shot well from the bulls that made an impact.
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