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Default Re: Keith Bogans has scored...

Originally Posted by Glide2keva
Why do people rely on TS% and eFG%?

"Rely on"? Is that some kind of left-handed insult? TS% and eFG% is more accurate than just looking at 3pt% and FG%.

Why? Because when most people look at just FG% and 3pt%, they don't look at the volume of threes they're taking, and the volume of shots they're missing. They just look at the %'s, and then incorrectly claim a player is worse than he really is (or in some cases better than he really is).

eFG% shows Bogans' ability to score points based on the amount of FGAs he takes. It's more accurate than just saying look his FG% is just 40% and his 3pt% is just 37%.

Since Bogans mostly just takes threes, he's actually scoring at a significantly higher rate than a guy who just takes mostly twos and shoots 40%.

Bogans's efg%: .533. Which means, if a player were to score the same amount of points as Bogans' at the same ratio of shots, but only took two pointers, they'd have to be a 53.3% FG% scorer.

The real question is, why wouldn't you use eFG%? Bogans is clearly not NEARLY the inefficienct scorer some of you guys are making him out to be. Bogans simply does not score large volumes of points. He's a role player.
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