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Default Re: Pray for me fellow Lakers fans.

Originally Posted by Droth24
First things first, we got our asses kicked on thursday, i played with a sprained ankle. was in foul trouble so i didnt play much. but i played 6 minutes of the fourth quarter and scored eleven points on four posessions in a row. then when i got pulled out got a standing ovation from the student section and they chanted my name. that was special.

then today went to the surgeon he said its a slim chance he will be able to cure me completly but we are going to go ahead anyways and try to hit a home run with surgery. i am confident that the surgery will work out and it will rid my body of all visible cancer. so lets hope! i need people to believe in me here!

I'm chanting your name as well bro!!!
And no worries you will beat it! Now lets hit this homerun buddy!!!!!!
Just wanted to share with you they gave my grandmother 2 years to live....5 years a go when she fought and beat cancer!!! You can do it as well!!!!

I believe in you bro! Much love!!!! And good job playing b-ball!!! You should continue to play through out college and after!!!
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