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Default Re: 4 games out heading into the ASB

Originally Posted by bdreason
We can make the playoffs with this roster I think. I don't think Biedrins or the C spot is a big issue. We just have no depth at all, and we desperately need our bench players to improve, or play over their heads (what's new?). Udoh is improving rapidly, and has provided a little extra protection around the rim.

I really hate ending up in the 9th or 10th spot, but we are too good at home to tank the season. Playoffs or bust baby. All we need is Curry to stop fouling everyone, and Biedrins to hit a free throw! (Don't hold your breath).
well I agree with your post but I don't think our depth is THAT bad, I think our stud players just require tons of minutes and can handle it to. Guys like Monta can play and need to play 40-42 min per night same with Curry. Dorrell Wright is just too good for us to remove from the floor so he has to play 35-38 min. So you end up having a bench that is seldom used in those positions even though I believe Reggie Williams is quite good and should be getting more PT. Our front court has decent depth also IMO but Lee has to play a ton of minutes because he is so good. Udoh is a decent bench big at this point in his career and as Lou Amundson gets healthy he is decent depth, even a guy like Brandan Wright is decent depth IMO. We could use one more guy to be a back up PG (right now Curry and Monta share duties when Curry is out its usually Monta or Acie Law) although Law has been doing a good job I'll say. Potentially abench big man would be nice to have, preferably someone like a Tyrus Thomas (we traded someone like him in Randolph). Unfortunately injuries have taken a toll on Wright or he could have been that guy. Maybe Udoh can be that guy.
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