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Default Re: BREAKING NEWS: Nets meeting with Melo tonight!

Originally Posted by Pokerface
It's possible, but, I just don't believe that Prokhorov will allow himself to be used as a pawn in this game. If he is truly back in it, I believe that he is ready to go for broke and make Melo an offer that he cannot refuse.

WoJo tweeted on Hoopsworld that the Nets and Nuggets sense a bit of dysfunction in the Knicks and perhaps plan to capitalize on it. Maybe the Knicks are fighting among themselves and are not sure what they want to do.

But, as a fairly good poker player, it looks to me like the Nets are ready to call the Knicks hand and raise the bet quite substantially.
From what I've heard, the Nets have no idea whether or not Melo is willing to extend with them. They can only go by whatever Denver tells them. And I'm guessing Denver's been telling them Melo will probably re-sign if traded to NJ. Now, NJ wants to hear it from Melo.
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