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Default Tonight's dunk contest definitely showed us not to judge a book by it's cover

I remember so many were thinking how horrible this dunk contest would be.. even after the Jennings swap out. We expected Blake to win in a landslide for the most part and that it was set up for Blake to win from the beginning but I want to let us all give props to all 4 guys. Every single guy tonight brought their A game.. and did something unique. The fact that Ibaka and McGee were made fun of for being in this.. and put on such an epic show was amazing. The fact that Derozan pulled off such incredibly difficult dunks.. AMAZING. The fact that Blake DIDN'T turn into the next Shannon Brown and indeed did live up to most peoples expectations awesome. This was quite possibly my favorite dunk contest ever and I watched the Vince Carter domination one in 2000.

It's rare that all 4 dunkers perform this well. Think about it. Kobe and Vince and other recent winners didn't face much competition really. Tonight all 4 guys had a legit chance to win. Anyways I'm still watching highlights from all 4 guys because they all kicked ass. BTW I saw some post contest stuff and it's cool to see how they were all supportive of each other and Blake's win. No hating or jealousy. No DeMarcus Cousins type reactions like yesterday when John Wall won rookie MVP lol.

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