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Default Re: No Appreciation thread for Sloan?!?!

Did you happen to watch Pippen in the couple of seasons after Jordan's first retirement? If you did, you would see he provided evidence to the contrary.

Phil and the triangle offense were there. How would he have done without the ball in his hands playing off a pg? Once he lost Grant he didn't show he could carry them but did show he was an ass when Phil called a play for their best shooter not the streaky at best Pippen.

Russell Westbrook put up 20/6/6/1.6 and Durant put up 25/6/7/2/1. They both had a great series despite youth and inexperience.

Of course they did. That's what superstars do.

I'm gonna go with the fact that Krstic and Jeff Green were no match for Bynum and Gasol in the front court. The perimeter players did their job just fine, but the interior players were undersized and outskilled by a wide margin.

And they were still in position to win.

With Gasol and without Phil yes I do think it was possible for them to have won. He didn't contain Kobe's ego from 99-02 when they had their 3 peat, but their talent was so superior that they were able to win in spite of that.

No chance. Can't see Kobe carrying a team without Phil or unselfish players like Pao and Odom. He did keep his ego in check until the Pistons beat them when he lost him.

Great coaching helps, but great players make great plays with the game on the line.

Sha and Kobe were great before Phil but they weren't even close til he took over.

Do you think Doc Rivers is that great of a coach to just suddenly go from the last place team in the league to a championship?

I already said I'm not that impressed with Rivers. They have unselfish stars not Kobe though.
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