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Default Bosh vs. Frye (stats)

Bosh 6-10 230 and to me was very weak and soft coming into the NBA.
Frye 6-11 245 bigger and stronger with a better overall game but soft too.

first year Bosh 33.30 minutes 11.5 points 7.4 rebounds in 75 games
Frye 24.11 minutes 12.3 points 5.8 rebounds in 65 games

second Bosh 37.12 minutes 16.8 points 8.9 rebounds in 81 games
Frye 26.11 minutes 10.4 points 5.5 rebounds in 40 games

Third Bosh 39.17 minutes 22.5 points 9.2 rebounds in 70 games

Fourth Bosh 37.47 minutes 23.5 points 10.7 rebounds in 38 games

Since Frye hasn't had a third or fourth year yet I can't add that. But I think both players are very similar in a lot of ways.

The difference is Toronto let him develop and overtly made him a key piece. Zeke has not made Frye any key part to this team. Like Lee he was expected to just do it. With some guys that works and with some it doesn't. It has nothing to do with the end result.

Look at the minutes and the stats. Bosh was and is not a good defensive player as far as I can remember. I think if Isiah made Frye more important in the scheme of this team he would shine. There is way too much emphasis on Curry.
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