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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony Thread

Look at those Breasticles lmao Yummy Yummy

She's so cool and down to Earth too.Plus she's Spanish so she will cut a ***** too lol Yall see that Nuggets v. Mavs game lol

I just wanna rest my head on those babyfeeders and say mama

Seriously though,this is a great day for Knicks fans.Thug hugs around the room. Cyber toast lol to all my fellow Knick fans who've been diehard fans and suffered through years of Charlie Ward and Mike Sweetney and Keith Van Horn (past his prime).To my Knicks lovers who endured Laden and Grunfeld.To my Knicks supporters who watched us blow money on Shandon Anderson and Howard Eisley.Who watched us trade away Mark Jackson twice and bring in guys like Derek Harper and Doc Rivers.Guys who suffered through years of Greg Anthony,Scott Brooks and Ric Brunson @ PG.This is our equivalent of America getting Obama.Change we can believe in lol Carmelo Anthony WELCOME from a diehard knicks fan since the day I was born.
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