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Default Re: Official Thread: Brainstorm your thoughts/ideas on 2/21/10 Knicks Roster

Some people don't understand, gutting out our roster couldn't of been an option because Carmelo Anthony showed signs & hints he wanted to go to NY. He did NOT come out here to the media & notify us, the fans, the media, management he wanted to directly go to NY. Indirectly it stated on a blind mans forehead he wanted to go here just as he did.

No one wants to leave that amount of money on the table, why should he? He deserves the money, he earned it. He's a 6 time all star at age 26. Why shouldn't this guy get his deal done. We handled this fine. We have an allstar team, we have a few players that do have some hype in them. Fields we seem to under estimate his ability. Fields + Billups? OUR TEAM HAS HYPE.

What we need is not a force, not another star, not really anymore players. We need MANAGEMENT & a new coach. We all know the next step. We couldn't get it done with Amare? Felton didn't cut out enough for us? What about Amare & Billups? Add Carmelo? We need to work on our role players. that's a legit 4 man lineup, Turiaf is not legit. He is a great player, but he needs to rest.

Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm willing to get rid of Turiaf & any other role player behind him for a legit big man.
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