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Default Re: Official Thread: Brainstorm your thoughts/ideas on 2/21/10 Knicks Roster

Nice Post Jasi!

As much as I liked Chandler,we didn't utilize him properly,we couldn't guarantee he'd be back next year AND we might have had to overpay to keep him should he end the season with a bang.Besides that,with Melo,he woulda either been coming off the bench anyway or playing out of position still.

Gallo is a fan favorite and a promising young guy but let's face it...our love for Gallo is based on the potential that he can become something great.It's not based on anything great he's already done.He too woulda been coming off the bench or had someone playing out of position.

The guy to keep out of the 3 was Fields and we kept him!He doesn't have to move over.I don't even think his role Changes much.He can keep doing what he does and probably will be more effective because even less attention will be on him.

Theres really nothing more to say about Melo other than he's an all-time great scorer and when motivated can lock down defensively.That's a big if but hey, he's a better defender than Gallo and Chandler was always guarding the wrong person anyway.

PPL rant about us taking on Billups contract but I think we can buy it out for 3 mill.Either way,it expires the same time Felton's does,just in time for CP3 and DWill.Or we can go a less expensive route and target guys like Steph Curry or Brandon Jennings.OR we can draft!For the immediate future,Billups isnt as acthletic so he may slow up our offense BUT he's a better shooter than Felton so that may be a huge plus in our system.Plus he runs the pick and roll really well and he takes care of the ball.

Draz is right,essentially we only lost Gallo.Everyone else was a give away.I include Chandler in that only because he's a free agent after this season.BTW anyone knows if HE signed an extension?If not,can we get him after this season's over?

I would really like to see the Nets get Gallo.I think he'd be a great addition to that future Brooklyn fan base,especially among the Black and Italian demographic.Plus he'd fit in well with Brook Lopez as an inside out 1-2 punch. If Favors develops into the player I think he can be,they'll have a nice young team. I like Avery as a coach and Gallo is very coachable.Rumor is they may be targeting Felton also.It would make the NBA very entertaining.I'd love to see them get Paul or DWill (whoever's left after one of them comes to us lol).Gallo opening up the Arena in downtown BK is a very good look (even though I'd never go to a game cuz traffic is going to be absolutely brutal).

These guys we got back in the Denver trade are merely to make the deal work financially.We got Melo and Billups and thats al that matters.Balkman would be good if it were Zeke coaching but he doesn't shoot 3's so Mike's never gonna use him.

p.s. lmao @ Draz for posting guys entire government like that
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