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Default Re: Official Thread: Brainstorm your thoughts/ideas on 2/21/10 Knicks Roster

Originally Posted by Draz
Let's face it. If this trade didn't go down, if and only if it went the complete opposite, what longterm affect would this have on us? A harder more challanging task then it can ever be getting another star on this roster. What we did was borrow Felton for a few to send him into a package we needed to get someone like melo. The facts are Felton was never a permanant player here he was a girl we dated to get over our ex girlfriend.

I dont think we acquired Felton to acquire Melo, I believe we did it with the pure intention of flipping Felton, & 1 of Gallo/Chandler/AR4 to New Orleans in a Chris Paul deal at some point. It was a genius move by Donnie who realized Felton's talent and how that talent could be inflated while playing in New York, not just for D'Antoni's system but the exposure he'd receive.

If we didnt make this move now, I do believe Melo would've gone elsewhere as a rental until this summer. Melo's bluff is what forced this deal in which Dolan truly believed he would sign that 3 Year extension with New Jersey, thus completing their previously agreed upon trade. But anyone advising Carmelo would've been against that situation considering New Jersey would still be a Lottery team with him, and they'd have 0 assets to bring in CP3 or Deron. Denver would've dealt him to be a rental and got back as much as they could, although not as much as they wanted from NJ or NY.

So fastfoward to the summer of 2011 and we're still sitting there with the ideal situation for Carmelo albeit with a $4 Million dollar paycut. We'd be in prime position to move assets like Felton, Chandler, Mozgov, Turiaf, AR4 for a Chris Paul & Okafor deal at the same time. We'd have our Big 3 + Gallo along with a Center who defends the low post. We'd maintain the MLE to use on our bench. We'd be better than Miami, and we'd start our march to the Finals next season.

Maybe that was Donnie's goal or maybe it wasn't. It was my ideal scenario.

What we need is to find a real replacement for turiaf and a replacement for billups 2 years from now. Billups brings experience. The slut you never wanted to be with but wanted to do because it was just a one nighter because she was experienced. Why be with the virgin when you can get the hottie?

I agree.

& the slut references are legit.
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