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Default Re: Why?? Why trade Gallo???

Originally Posted by knickscity
I don't think this kind of commotion was made over David Lee and he made the all-star team.

I guess its because we all knew David Lee was as good as he was going to get as a player. The 08-09 season David Lee is what he was as a player in the NBA, and we all were pretty much right on considering hes settled into his role as a 3rd option in GS.

With Gallo we didnt know what he would turn into, hes still only 22, and has given us flashes some nights of what he might just be.

On a sidenote lets not forget Gallo is a young 6'10 Italian man in the NY Metropolitan Area who is attractive to nearly every girl I know. Mix that in with having a likable personality with his interactions with the media. Then to top it off he is sometimes flashy & has a swagger to him on the court. Thats a NYC superstar right there.

Just like Derek Jeter, he fit the celebrity culture of New York. Thats why the Nets are probably dying to bring him to Brooklyn.
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