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Default Knicks Big Three

I know this is very early but check this out......

I have been thinking about this.

Billups makes 14 mil next season.

Knicks did good by acquiring Billups.

Maximize the post season...... this year.

His large expirer makes it perfect regardless of CBA to trade for CP3.

CP3 is coming to the Knicks this summer.

Here is how......

As soon as ours AND Hornets season is over that deal can be made. but has to be done before the off limit period prior to July 1.

N.O. (Stern) offers Paul and extension, he is traded to us and signs the extension, as condition of the trade.

Billups asks for a buyout, and comes right back to us.

We get Paul a season early and we compete.

I know it's kinda hashed up, I think I got all the rules down.

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