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NBA Comparrison (according to Kristic/Primoz Brezec

Jonas has been over shadowed by fellow Lithuanian big man coming out for the draft this year Donatas Montejunas. Many people actually believe Jonas can turn out better then Donatas becuase he has a much better worth ethic. Jonas is 6'11 now but he was born in 1992 so there is definetly still time to grow, and he might reach 7'0 before he's done growing.

There's nothing great about his game, but theres alot of good. Good basketball IQ, Good Athleticism, Good Rebounding, Good in the post and more importantly, Good Defense. He can also shoot the ball pretty well from 15 feet and in.

He is still very young and is more then likely going to need time to develop before he can play with the experienced NBA players, but he's a very good player to have because he has good potential.

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