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Default Can the Spurs get Marcus Camby to San Antonio? - A Deadline Idea

Personally I feel like this is a deal that should have taken place a while ago when he was with Denver, but Camby has sincce bounced around and ended up in Portland. Portland however is looking to get rid of Marcus Camby and Andre Miller's contracts before the upcoming trade deadline tomorrow.

The Spurs have the best record in the West and stand 6 games ahead of the 2nd place Mavericks. I know they don't want to create chemistry problems at this point, considering their unlikely fast start, and Marcus Camby does have a heavy 2 year 11 million dollar contract which the Spurs aren't trying to put on their tab at this point. Not to mention the Spurs might not be willing to give up the essential pieces to land Camby. But Camby provides the inside shot blocking big man presence that the Spurs have needed for quite some time. The frontline of Duncan, Blair, McDyess, Bonner and Splitter occasionally is great at times but there is question of how they will fair against the Mavericks or Lakers big men in a potential playoff matchup. Some might say that Camby might be adding just another "old player" to the group, but Camby's skills would technically only be needed this year for what may be a final championship run for the San Antonio Big 3.

While unlikely, if Portland doesn't find a suitor for the veteran shot blocker by tomorrow's deadline a buyout may be an option. In this case this presents a more likely opportunity for the Spurs to snag him when he clears waivers.

Can Marcus Camby land on the Spurs somehow? Would this move help their potential championship run?
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