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Default Re: Now There's Gordon & Stuckey Trade Rumors..

I wonde rif we could get Williams and SMith's deals to really help Atlanta financially. They need to extend Horford and maybe Crawford, so clearin those 2 out would help. Smith simply doesn't put them over the top. Charlie,Prince,SUmmers and unprotected '11 1st for Smith and Williams? Clear out Smith's deal all together, get Prince for the rest of this year which is a SF upgrade for ATL especially in the postseason, clear Williams' deal , but get Charlie's bad deal in return. Charlie has some use to them though more so than Marvin, as with Horford moving to the 4 much of the time, they'll want to back him up with a stretch 4 for a different looka nd floor spacing when he's at the 5. They get a young athletic SF with potential to be as good as Williams and a lottery pick in next year's draft. Not a bad rebuild deal.
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