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Default Re: Bosh vs. Frye (stats)

That was my point, Bosh was a skinny kid who could not hold his own inside.

Look at him now.

You don't have to revolve the whole team around Frye but at least run a few plays to get him involved.

As it stands now he takes a few shots at the beginning of the game and then he's forgotten.

He's expected to make his own shots and plays, like Lee does and he's not that kind of player. Neither is Curry........he's fed the ball consistently.

Zeke is making a mistake with this kid and he's going to end up a big player for someone else. I feel Lee is too........they both are just bidding their time until their contracts run out and off they go.

I think Isiah is giving them a raw deal and they are too much of a team player to say something. Kudos to them both........
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