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Default Re: And so it begins 50 vs Cam

Originally Posted by statman32
Huh said nothing of any meaning...and im not hating on cam but the dude said nothing...all he did was get out of control and make himself look stupid

the point is..

50 comes on the radio show.. talking about how he let prodigy sign to koch records.. a horrible, horrible label.. and cam comes on, and sucker punches record sales of major signees of gunit.. and 50 got mad and made a beef record..

it is what it is.. cam suckered 50 into a beef, and now dipset will get marketing, and in the process, dipset will trash 50 cent.

in reality.. dipsets recent beefs.. jay.. nas.. they totally trashed them.. along with tru life.. if you guys on here only hear commericial rap, then you should listen to some of dipsets beef disses.. people shouldnt sleep on the dips.. because i promise you cam has more street cred than 50 will ever have, and will expose 50 for everything he is; a monkey
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