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Default Re: Bosh vs. Frye (stats)

Players should adjust and let the games come to them. What's wrong with being the junkyard dog? If Lee can scrap up a double double with no plays ran for him at all, I don't see why Frye can't do it. Even though last year shouldn't be used as any gauge LB played Frye while he didn't hardly play the other rooks. And Frye was a 14/7 guy. True, he was a rookie then, but Frye had the ball quite a bit then and to me wasn't spectacular at all. I don't think Bosh should be compared to Frye. Bosh is a franchise player. You can build around him. He isn't just a piece. He is a goto guy who can deliver. he prides defense first and he stick within himself. As evident by his scoring tear of late. Frye is not that guy, no matter how hard we may want him to be. I know Zeke has his ultimatum to fill, but he should have traded Frye last year when he had value. As of right now Frye is merely a 6-11 shooting guard with minimal defense. I realize that most don't want to hear that, but that is my assessment of the two so far. As of now Frye is a disappointment.
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