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Default Re: 1st Knick win with Melo

Originally Posted by Scoooter
I don't know man. If the the NBA was disbanded and scattered, and a new league held a draft to pick up all the players, I have a hard time seeing Dwight go lower than three. He took a not very talented team to the Finals and won a game. There were some good players on that team, but nothing you break the bank trying to get. That's more than guys like LeBron and Pau did before they were with their current teams. More than Melo or Durant. Or Steve Nash. Or Amar'e. Or any of the great wing players of the last couple of generations when they weren't playing with Shaq.

I hope you aren't saying LeBron hasn't been to the finals as well, with much less than Dwight.

Jameer was an All-star that year, then they had Rafer Alston who was killing in the playoffs.

Pau got to the playoffs multiple times as well with no one on the team but him, and they won 50 games a season with him.
Nash and Amar'e had multiple conference final appearances which means they lost to the NBA CHAMPION.

Originally Posted by Scoooter
Dwight makes a team full of terrible defenders into one of the best defenses in the league. Puts up 20+ points a game at almost 60% while playing with a bunch of guys who have no idea how or when to get him the ball. Dominates both ends of the court and improves his game every year. He has flaws, sure, but so does everyone. I would trade Carmelo or Durant or Rose for Dwight, straight-up, in less than a heartbeat. He's better - maybe not as skilled - than all of them.

Well, maybe not Rose. It would be weird to move Boozer down to small forward.

I seriously doubt someone would deal Durant for Dwight or Rose for Dwight.

Dwight is offensively challenged, that's why he isn't always involved in the offense.

Orlando plays the same ball we do, minus the pace.

Quick shots and heavily 3pt dependent.

Dwight is a damn good center, but a top 5 player.
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