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Default Re: 1st Knick win with Melo

Originally Posted by Scoooter
None of those guys, even if making it to the Finals, won a game. LeBron got swept, and Grizzlies Pau was a 1-and-done guy. Even Shaq got swept when he was in Orlando, and he had Penny Hardaway.
I figured getting there was your point, and you didn't know apparently that LeBron did get there, based on your post.

LeBron had much less, it isn't even close.

Shaq held it down in the finals.

He was matched against a team that a seasoned Hakeem and one of the best coaches at that time in Rudy T.

Nick Anderson clearly lost game 1 for Orlando that series and laid eggs completely throughout the series.

3D did nothing as well, could hit any of his hots.

One player cannot win in the finals by himself.

Never happened, never will.
Originally Posted by Scoooter
Have you watched him play this year? He's not Hakeem, but his offensive game is very solid. He can finish with either hand, has spin moves and counters and up-and-unders. Very much improved. He is always involved in the offense, even if he isn't scoring - defenses collapse towards him, and the rest of the team gets a wide open three. Even so, one of the Magic's biggest problems is not going to Dwight enough. When he gets the touches, he scores 30+ points while still grabbing 12+ rebounds. He needs to improve his foul shots, but he's we haven't even mentioned his defense. He's solid offensively and dominant defensively. Easily top 5. I have him at 2.
We will just disagree here than.

His offense has improved, but wouldn't you think he'd be more polished since he has Ewing working with him?

His offense is 5 feet and in, that's all.

No way he is 2nd in the League.

The pure fact Dwight is a liability in the playoffs due to him constantly fouling, is a problem in itself.

I doubt he sniffs the finals again though if he stays there.
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