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Default Re: 1st Knick win with Melo

Originally Posted by knickscity
I figured getting there was your point, and you didn't know apparently that LeBron did get there, based on your post.
That's why I included the, "and won a game".

We will just disagree here than.

His offense has improved, but wouldn't you think he'd be more polished since he has Ewing working with him?
I would definitely expect his freethrows to be better.

His offense is 5 feet and in, that's all.
He's a center. You want him shooting threes? Mike?!

No way he is 2nd in the League.

The pure fact Dwight is a liability in the playoffs due to him constantly fouling, is a problem in itself.

I doubt he sniffs the finals again though if he stays there.
A liability in the playoffs who has led his team to the Finals and ECF in consecutive years. Right. Dwight Howard is a liability in the playoffs. I know about 60 coaches and GM's who would disagree with you.
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