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Default Re: Suns trade for Aaron Brooks

This draft is gonna be garbage. We have two picks, ours and Orlando's so I don't mind giving one up.

I agree that dragic is all about his confidence levels. I wanted to keep him but I don't mind this trade. Suns need to give Nash his rest or he'll fizzle out. Dragic (and the bench) have been blowing leads, I think and hope that Brooks will cure that. Also I'll be glad that Brooks isn't lighting the Suns up anymore.

If Dragic goes beast mode in Houston then we've lost this trade but I think Suns have the edge in this deal.

Suns still need to address getting another solid big man, they tried for Milsap but failed. I'm kind of glad they did. I like Pietrus.

Nash is gone, that doesn't mean he'll get traded he might just play out next year w/ the Suns. This will be a few years for the Suns to try and rebuild and retool. I'm not for trading Nash unless it's a good deal. None of this nonsense where we get bad players w/ bad contracts.

Brooks can fill the role as our pg if Nash does leave but I hope we get some much much (2 muches) better players. I don't want him to be our best player, we'll be screwed.

Overall good trade for the Suns, I don't have them winning the Championship this year anyway. and I know in 2 years time this will be a completely different team. It's already started. Piet, Gortat and Brooks all brought in this year. In two years Nash and Hill will be gone. Suns need a legit PF.
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