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Default Abbott: "Forget what you knew about the Nets"

a lot of interesting articles going down lately, nets and non-nets related. although at this point, i think any nets fan knows every fact and POV worth knowing.

side note: the most fun fact for me was learning how prokhy jumped in at the last moment and sent the knicks into a panic, causing them to raise their offer at the last moment and gut their team even further. even better if he had no actual intention of signing anthony... which may or may not be the case. but if so, a masterful russian chess move from the land of chess masters.

regardless, i thought this particular article was one of the best because it highlights some things that have changed... things that most NBA fans are going to realise only later. and many of them, very sadly and reluctantly, at that. i.e., something big is changing and happening, right in front of our eyes:
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