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Default Re: Bosh vs. Frye (stats)

Frye really hasn't been the same since he injured his knee. He banged it in the paint, so may he has a phobia now. . But anyways the guy shooting jumpers from 20 feet out is insane on his part.. I can relate to myself that the best way to get your offense going is to make a good defensive sequence. Frye has to make something happen down low. True, I base Frye on what I've seen. Anything else would be a guess or dream. I don't see Curry being a shotblocker, neither do I see Frye. I'm not really high on Frye at all especially now. I know I'm going all out with this, but he reminds me of John Wallace. And that dude sucked. but at least he tried to look good, but wasn't. Look how long his career lasted. A few years and done. Frye is on his way. So sad. We can blame Zeke all we want, but Zeke isn't the guy who bulked up over the summer to shoot 20-footers out there. Just my opinion Jerome James= Jared Jeffries=Channing Frye. I never thought I would do that but man I hate them all. No effort=no playing time.
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