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Default Re: Charlotte's Gerald Wallace has been traded to Portland

Originally Posted by Fatal9
Gerald's style of play + Portland trainers = career ending injury

that made me laugh but at the same time nod with agreement.

It's sad to see prizbilla and dante go the where legit professionals always playing hard and never complaining. they are perfect roll players for any team. Cunningham played out of position all year this year and never complained he even started at center a couple times adn did his best.

i thin it's a great trade but now the blazers only have one legit center and that's camby...and he's straight glass. the blazers have no other big guys unless they play aldrige at the 1 which wouldnt be good since he really doesnt like to bang but has to at times. with all the minutes he's playing who knows he may get injured if he plays the 1 all the time. I dont know how this small ball is going to work especially defensevely. Mcmillan has some work on his hands....i'm reall curious to see his rotation when Wallace gets here.
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