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Default Re: Nuggets trade Carmelo Anthony to Knicks!

Originally Posted by fubu05
His offense isn't stagnant. Last game he came up clutch in the 4th. He doesn't know any plays so he's obviously a bit lost.

Chandler for Felton is something that I think every Knick fan would do. In the next 2 years, you want Chauncey over Felton, and since Felton was going in the next 2 years anyways, I actually think trading Felton for Billups is better for the Knicks considering experience, leadership, and a defensive mindset.

Here is why you will come to love Melo and forget about Gallo/Chandler.

1) He's Clutch

2) Because he's so good offensively, Amar'e does not have to worry about fouling out, and leaving the team with no offense on the floor, so he can play harder on defense.

3) He is the best rebounding SF along with G. Wallace.

4) Melo does one thing on the court that Chandler/Gallo could never do, he has 3 eyes on him on the court at all times. There were about 6 points in the 4th that Amar'e had where he just pretty much caught the ball in the lane and ran in with no opposition because of all the attention Melo needs.

5) Experience, when those lights shine in the playoffs, his balls will not shrivel and you can count on him to give you big games when you need them.

Now get out of here before you further embarrass yourself.

Please shut the **** up, he told you what he doesn't want to watch and you can't make him go 'yes wow Melo isn't ****ing boring', you just wank because you're a wanker.
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