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Default espn are stupid

maybe this isnt thread worth so i put it here rather than the nba forum

i couldnt stay up to watch the cavs beating the knicks but i just watched the espn highlights

first off the anchorman says how people claimed it was the end of the world when the lakers lost to the cavs, and implied that those people were stupid, when espn were the people who made it a big deal. espn are mocking themselves, they are mocking their own fickleness and overreactions, they just dont know it

then during the actual highlights, they talk about melo, amar'e and the knicks only. even though the cavs won they dont mention a single cavs players' name, or show a single cavs play, even though from watching highlights and watching the first quarter live, there were several highlights plays by the cavs. hickson and jamison both put up great lines, neither of whom were mentioned.

i know a lot of people hate espn and arent surprised by this, but i was and thought some other people might surprised by this. espn sucks and just plays up big markets, looking for ratings, and compromising their journalistic integrity.
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