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Default Re: 2/25/11 Knicks @ Cavs (L)

Originally Posted by franchize
It's only 2 games and the 1st came with no practice.Relax! Gallo had 30 last night Chandler 20 but Gallo also had 2 the game before. It's no time to panic or start regretting or anything like that.Our new acquisitions still played well.We just are in desperate need of a big man.Sad part is that there aren't many in the draft Then again,there aren't many players in the draft period.Right now,we are around the 17th pick.I think I'd go with Kemba Walker.Granted Im biased because Im a UCONN fan but if Kemba is extremely hard to guard,he scores and passes well and if he pans out,he gives our team tons of options.We would HAVE to get Paul.We could maybe go Dwight Howard,re-sign Chauncey and let him mold Kemba like veteran QB's do to rookies.Kinda like he was doing for Ty Lawson.

Kemba Walker is one of my favorite college players right now, he's also from New York so he probably would love to be drafted by us. The problem is his decision making and his size. He is a decent passer but he doesn't exactly make the decisions you would like to see out of an NBA PG. He has the same type of body and speed as Ty Lawson and I would definitely pick him if he turns out like Ty. Fortunately we have Billups as the veteran as you mentioned.

He plays D the same way as Toney Douglas. He plays in-your-face D and provides instant pressure. It would make either one of them expendable. I do think Kemba is more of a pure PG than Toney but has the same scoring ability. We already know that Toney shouldn't be a 2, he's too small. Especially since Kemba Walker is also just 6'0/6'1 ish.

I haven't watched much of Uconn this year, so I'll definitely take a good look at them in the Tournament.

Kemba Walker
23.0 PPG
4.5 APG
2.26 Assist/TO Ratio
0.425 from the field
1.9 SPG
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