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Default Finally, Kuester Will Be Gone

This really couldn't make me happier. While we didn't get the trade we were looking for we will be getting a new head coach. That's definitely a step in the right direction. I had mentioned in other threads that no FA would sign with us if Kuester was the coach. All the guys in the NBA see how much all the players in Detroit don't like their coach. Nobody wants to play for someone like Kuester. Let him be an assistant somewhere. He's not a head coach, period.

The one thing that worries me is we haven't hired a good coach in a long time. When we had a chance last time for someone like Avery Johnson we passed them all up for Kuester which really left me like this I knew at that point Joe D wasn't planning on winning any time soon..... While Walker will be an interim coach for the rest of the season the next hiring will speak volumes to me. If they go out and get a guy who sucks again I'll know where Joe D thinks this team is headed. I wasn't even all that thrilled with Larry Brown. Honestly the last decent coach I think we had was Carlisle. I know not everybody liked him but the guy always has a way to win. We need to find someone like that again.

Look for the Detroit Pistons to have a new coach by next week. It sends a horrible, horrible message to make a coaching change after the apparent and indefensible protest staged Friday morning by five Pistons players, who skipped Friday’s shootaround in Philadelphia in what the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press report was an organized attempt to make their disdain for coach John Kuester as publicly clear as possible.

Dissatisfaction among Pistons vets with Kuester’s strategy, rotations and communication skills has been one of the season’s longest-running story lines. The passing of Thursday’s trade deadline with no escape routes for some of those vets -- with Detroit unwilling to trade Tayshaun Prince unless the receiving team was willing to absorb the millions left on Rip Hamilton’s contract -- has clearly ramped up player frustration.

It’s gotten so ugly that the Pistons can’t possibly save face no matter what happens next. So trying to restore some semblance of order, now that they’ve lost the opportunity to trade Prince or Hamilton away this week, is the only reasonable counter they can muster. The most sensible scenario from here? Detroit has Sunday and Monday off after the Philadelphia game and a home game Saturday against Utah. That creates a window to allow Kuester to volunteer to “resign” -- with a paid-off contract -- and enable Dumars to install Pistons assistant Darrell Walker as interim coach for the rest of the season.
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