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I will say this now. I see myself as a true fan and i watch each player and have been watching just about every game since 2005 that bulls play. I knew deng was worth his 12 mil contract. i was sad he took up that much cap space but knew he was worth it. Just about every game we play you can never point your finger at Deng and say we lost cause of him. Sometimes you can say we won cause of him. Sometimes you can say he didnt show up to be the savior but come on we never even signed him to be #1 option. we signed him cause he plays defense and can shoot.

Deng has been our most consistent player since he started. Just about (EVERY SINGLE GAME) you will see deng get 15+ points..... you count on that. In Olympic ball the other teams usualy double team triple team at some point i heard quadruple team him. But he still managed to score 10 - 20 points and 10 rebounds durring olympics. The guy has fundamentals to play ball thats pretty much why he does so good. I mean yeah lebron guarded him good but........ Is lebron > 2 people or lebron > 3 people? thats what deng has to do for his country. Trust me he has alot of pride and is why great britain basketball has a good run every year.

Also Thibs likes deng so well that he is leading the league in play time. Thibs is basicly making deng know he is going to play all game every night. Deng knows that winning is on his shoulders as well as rose's. When you play 40 minutes every other night as intense as deng does it would be hard to not get better. So yeah deng is a star. HE definatly is better than Pierce... meaning he should have seen some all star this year. i voted for him.
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