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Default Re: Harris

Devin will be our best guard overall.

I'd hope so. He came at the ultimate price.

Devin takes less shots than Deron, which is a great thing since the FGA now goes to Kirilenko a lot more. AK47 has averaged 11 FGA since Deron is gone, +3 from his average of 8.

AK shooting more is a good thing? Not really his strength.

Millsap & Jefferson FGAs increase a bit too.

Milsap getting more shots would be a good thing.

As great as Deron was, he did took too many unnecessary shots at times, especially 3's.

Quality easy buckets >>> tough shots, floaters and unnecessary 3's

He was there go to guy. Obviously he would have been better off with a go to guy or two around him but he's never had that.

haven't really decided how good Devin's defense is with us yet.

Should be better than Deron.
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