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Originally Posted by ljsbb27
This type of stuff drives Rose and I love it. He's the type of player that is consistenly working on his game and at such a young age he has taken huge strides and made significant improvements in the weaknesses of his game each and every year he's been in the league so bar. The hate he receives from people is only making him better and they just don't realize it so let them keep talking.

He's going to get better. He is a serious MVP candidate. And yet DRose still isn't satisfied. He's his own hardest critic and at the end of the day that's what makes him want to improve even more so than all the BS he hears from all the people trying to hate on him.

We as Bulls fans know this so let the rest waste their time talking crap.

No doubt, and he has even made HUGE strides in a short amount of time during this season. Case in point: Charlotte played the 2-3 high trap on Derrick as good as a team possibly could, other teams started to do the same with a lot of results. In the last 5 games, teams STILL go to a high trap of sorts and it fails.. Why? Because Derrick learned how to A.) Read the traps sooner. B.) Fall out and into traps. C.) cross step, and split the double teams sooner. And D.) His teammates are setting the extra picks necessary to allow him to run his strong side.

That level of adjustment within a month is simply UNHEARD OF with regular players. It would take a standard starting 1-2 guard a good 18 months until they can break traps w/o requiring a trailing man.
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